Hello I am Fiona Campbell, The Professional Growth Coach.

Leaders today require a host of people skills including motivating, developing and coaching the people they lead.  

Having the Emotional Intelligence to value, listen to, understand and appreciate people goes a long way in achieveing this.

For over 25 years I have been helping people to delvelop Emotional Intelligence and Coaching skills.  

Now you have the opportunity to work one to one with me to with one of my on-line professional growth coaching programmes.

During the coaching programmes I take you through the strategies used by some of the most successful business leaders. 


Growing Your Emotional Intelligence Programme

"Emotional Intelligence can be described as the ability to monitor your own and others feelings and emotions and use this information to guide your actions. It has as much to do with knowing how, and when to express emotion as it does with controlling it.”

Growing Your Business Coaching Skills Programme

Business Coaching is helping someone achieve clarity about where they are now, and where they want to be. Encouraging the setting of specific SMART goals, identifying the action required to get there and motivating and encouraging this to be achieved within an agreed timescale.

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